Kyogre Service



You will get +1 Random IV/CP Kyogre by ordering this service.

This service will take approximately 2-3 Days.
*We might have to use up to 3 to 5 Raid Passes + up to 10+ Golden RazzBerries (So ensure you have enough raid passes if not there will be delays!)

Remember to:

  1. Make sure you have Raid Pass available, or enough coins to purchase Premium Raid passes.
  2. Please make sure you have a Team chosen already, and type in your details 100% correct to avoid disappointment.
    This event lasts only for 2 days, there is no room for username / password errors.
  3. Turn off 2-Step Verification, if it is a GMAIL account. Instructions can be found here.
  4. Include when was your last login in the Remarks section before ordering, according to GMT+8 time.


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  • If you use GMAIL to log into your account - Select GMAIL
    If you use Pokemon Trainer Club - Select PTC
  • GMAIL users: [email protected] | PTC Users: Username
  • Please write carefully include the BIG and small letters
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