Pokemon GO Accounts, Boosting, Catching Service, Raid Service

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September Update: Pokemon GO Boosting – Celebi and Regirock Service now available!

Pokemon GO PowerBoost

Here you can buy Pokemon GO boosting and catching services or scroll below to check out the marketplace for Pokemon GO Accounts for sale.
We understand the time and energy spent searching for new Pokemon, collecting candies and reclaiming that gym from your rival. Save time with our Pokemon Go catching services and booster packs for your Pokemon GO account. We have a large range of booster packs, from legendary Pokemon to specific types of candies.

* Typically delivered between 24 – 48 hours. Legendary Services may take longer.

Pokemon GO Legendary Accounts

Get ahead of the game with a legendary account. These Pokemon GO accounts for sale are perfect for players looking to hit the ground running, with a strong determination to be the best player. Each account has a minimum level of 38 and include powerful Legendaries, such as the 4 legendary birds – Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Lugia.

GrandMaster Accounts

GrandMaster accounts are unstoppable and the best fit for a trainer that wants to compete against rival gyms. With high CP Pokemon with the best skill-move sets available, gyms will be easily conquered by your teams.

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Diamond Accounts

Our Diamond accounts are ideal for trainers looking to boost their Pokemon GO account for the best price. Diamond accounts come with a splendour of items and different Pokemon.

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 Gold Accounts

Gold accounts are perfect for getting a head start for new players! Enter the game with a Level 34 Pokemon GO account which includes a generous array of Pokemon, candies and pokeballs.

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Basic Accounts

Pokemon GO Basic accounts pack more of a punch than you would think. Each account has a minimum level of 34, with Pokemon CP ranging from 900 to over 2000. Not to forget, each package comes with a considerate amount of stardust and candies too.

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Discounted Accounts

Discounted accounts are available occasionally, it is for very casual Pokemon GO players. Usually purchased by customers as “gifts” to their siblings and friends to accompany them for a day of Pokemon GO!

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TheBlackTrainer – Pokemon GO Accounts and Boosting Digital Gaming Marketplace

TheBlackTrainer provides a safe and secure marketplace, our team is dedicated to the gamer to gamer exchange of digital assets.

Members are welcomed to make transactions and list their products through our very own PlayerSecure UI.  Currently most members are selling their Pokemon GO Accounts as well as listing services for Pokemon GO Boosting namely – Legendary Raids, and Catching Services for Hoenn Pokemons!

Delivery in 3 minutes or LESS for accounts.
PowerBoost in 48 to 72 hours.

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Pokemon GO Accounts, Boosting, Catching Services

Be sure to click the images of Pokemon GO Accounts, to get a full-detailed assessment on the Pokemon Stats, Trainer Stats and Inventory. As for Legendary Raid Services, you will get Rare Candies, and other goodies each time a raid is completed!